The Journey to More Audience Revenue

It's not as simple as CandyLand :-) ...... but we liked the metaphor as a starting point to discuss various steps for publishers to consider in their quest for more audience revenue.

We were recently asked by CUNY Center for Community Media and their members of the Black Media Institute to provide a roadmap for smaller publishers on the key steps along the journey to more audience revenue. We thought a lot about what we knew and experienced from other publishers, as well as what has been shared publicly from others. From that, we created a set of slides to help a publisher to identify where they were, how to answer key questions, and get to the next step.

Some of the questions we covered:

  1. What are the basic forms of audience revenue from subscription to contribution models?
  2. What price to charge?
  3. How identify the most likely people to pay?
  4. How address the concern of losing ad revenue when asking for audience revenue?
  5. Paywall or donation model: what best for you, typical rev.$ and conversion rates?
  6. Should we improve what we do or start over?
  7. What is the crawl, walk, run approach to getting better at audience revenue?
  8. What are the basic needs for an underlying data strategy that help guide decisions?
  9. What skills do you need to have yourself, vs hire, vs find through vendors or free resources?
  10. How to set management expectations?

It includes case-study examples, references to great published research from variety of sources, and links to more detailed info. If you wanted a full copy of the slides, or to discuss it, please contacts us

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