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Local News Research: News From Outside Sources

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Local News

What's New In Local News Research

Tool and strategies modern teams need to help their companies grow.
Reuters trends

Reuters Institute 2023 Trends and Predictions

In 2023, news media faces challenges of sustainability, disconnection, and news avoidance, while Big Tech platforms must adapt to changing audience needs and emerging AI technologies present both opportunities and ethical questions.
Roadmap for local news

Roadmap for Local News

A new roadmap developed by a diverse coalition of newsroom leaders, journalists, and innovators offers hope for revitalizing and reimagining local news ecosystems in the US, empowering communities with the information they need to thrive and improve their social services, the environment, and local government.
Pew Center research

Pew Center's Local News Fact Sheet

Here's a clearer picture of the economic impact on locally focused U.S. newspapers by examining data from publicly traded newspaper companies' financial statements, circulation data from Alliance for Audited Media, and digital audience data from Comscore, providing valuable insights at the local level.
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