Connecting Registration, Modals and Email with Piano

 We proved we could implement this in Piano’s system and could make it available to Piano’s clients.This is our initial Proof of Concept using Piano's Composer and ESP.

Type: Multi-use platform

Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA

Key Outcomes

Combine critical data sources to identify segments who are more likely to subscribe and donate

Leverage the Piano platform capabilities to enable segmentation for modal and email

Built with smaller publishers (local news) in mind, but beneficial for larger ones as well

Segmenting for Success

Piano is a leading analytics and activation platform that helps clients understand and influence consumer behavior. Piano works with global organizations such as CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Gannett, Le Parisien, and more than 300 other clients including many regional publishers.

The segmentation is based on 25 years of experience with major digital platforms that have experienced higher subscriber growth, but in a simplified version to make it extendable to smaller companies.  

Create for Ease

Upside Analytics leveraged the engagement data Piano already collects with clients, as well as adding a scoring approach using geographic and attitudinal data to create a prioritization and testing framework that would be easy and straightforward to implement.  

Piano’s platform made combining the data sets possible, bridging their Composer and ESP email platform with a consistent segmentation, and connecting analytics and activation in a more seamless experience.  

Drive Efficiency and Productivity

As proven via Piano, Upside Analytics equips clients with an easier-to-use modular tool that empowers them to find and convert more registrants to paying subscribers.  We do this leveraging platforms publishers already use, minimizing risk and expense.  Upside Analytics extracts more value out of the Piano platform for Piano clients.

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